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in case youre still looking for a decent drawing program


have you tried mypaint?

  • its free
  • its open source
  • works for windows, linux and mac
  • 90% of the window space is where you draw, no clunky and messed up menus
  • performance-wise
  • supports layers
  • the canvas is basically unlimited, the program automatically chooses a dimension for your picture when you save
  • easy (but not too limited) brush creation
  • overall fucking awesome


obligatory screenshot

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Can’t wait for August 20~!

- Didn’t think I’d come across a fellow RK fan here! Honestly, it’s been a while since I indulged in RK—last time I seriously did was waaaay back in 1999/2000, but I am slowly reviving my love for the series with this live-action version! Is it going to be shown in the States as well? Official release date’s on August 20, and the actors playing Kaoru, Kenshin and Sano will be coming here to the Philippines to attend the early premiere on August 6 and will hold a press conference on the 7th. I will be going to the press con *shifty eyes* Last time I checked, we ARE buddies. You shoehorned yourself in my list of favorite people when you said you were a Rae Carson fan. :D

Yes! I’m mostly a fan of the manga, but I haven’t been paying attention and I’ve missed a lot of the newer material that’s apparently been coming out—I haven’t even seen the live action movie yet, although I have it! it took forever to come out here, though, and I haven’t heard a peep about this TV show. I’ll have to dig around and see if I can find any news! 

Kenshin and Kaoru are definitely one of my OTPs, though <3

Yay buddies! :D (do I get bonus buddy points if I’ve met Rae Carson?)

live action Ruroni Kenshin? LIVE ACTION RURONI KENSHIN!!!!!

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